News from JAMA Asia Pacific Edition

News and feature articles on JAMA's activities related to the automotive industry in the ASEAN region.

GOVolume 4 - November 2002
  • ASEAN Auto Supporting Industries Look ahead to Future Challenges
  • Series: Experts Abroad [Part IV] Coordinators Meet in Manila To Review Progress, Map Future
  • 5th AMEICC-WGAI Reviews Key Regional Issues
  • JAMA-AAF High-Level Meeting Held in Manila
  • Vehicle Recycling Emerging As a Growth Industry
GOVolume 3 - May 2002
  • Honda’s Yoshihide Munekuni Elected JAMA’s New Chairman
  • Series: Experts Abroad [Part III] Experts Dispatching Program Update: Follow-up Meetings Held in 3 Countries
  • Pan-ASEAN Production Data for 2001 and Event Announcement
  • JASIC, RACE Meetings Held in Jakarta, Set Long-term Goals for Cooperation
GOVolume 2 - January 2002
  • JAMA Takes Its Message to Asia; Summaries from the 4th AMEICC-WGAI Meeting in Hanoi
  • Series: Experts Abroad, AEDSI Project Launched in Indonesia
  • The 35th Tokyo Motor Show: A View of Motoring’s Future