News from JAMA Asia Pacific Edition

News and feature articles on JAMA's activities related to the automotive industry in the ASEAN region.

GOVolume 29 - December 2007
  • Report from the first APEC Automotive Dialogue - Intellectual Property Rights Seminar
  • Friends of JAMA : Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan (JSAE) Supporting Automotive Engineering in Japan for 60 Years
  • A Look Back on the Tokyo Motor Show
GOVolume 28 - October 2007
  • Nurturing the future generation for the Thai automotive industry-
    The Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology
  • Friends of JAMA
    The Japan Automobile Dealers Association (JADA)
  • Bakagaijin - Ignorant foreigner
GOVolume 27 - September 2007
  • Efforts to promote road safety in Singapore - by National Safety Council of Singapore
  • ASEAN Sales and Production for 1st quarter 2007
  • Thoughts on (and under) Malaysia's Petronas Twin Towers
GOVolume 26 - June 2007
  • A Gateway for the automotive industry - Major Ports in the Region
  • The Eternal and the Changing - Walking the Streets of Delhi
GOVolume 25 - April 2007
  • Singapore's vehicle license plate system
  • ASEAN Automotive Industry's First Step towards the Establishment of Vehicle Type Approval System
  • The Japan Auto Parts Industries Association: Supporting Car Manufacturing Worldwide
  • Where an ASEAN Memory Dwells
GOVolume 24 - March 2007
  • The Vehicle Type Approval (VTA) System: from parts / system to whole vehicle
  • The Nihon Jidosha Kaikan (Japan Automobile Center*) Working for a Better Future for Both Motoring and Society
  • Sounding the horn in different parts of the world