News from JAMA Asia Pacific Edition

News and feature articles on JAMA's activities related to the automotive industry in the ASEAN region.

GOVolume 32 - November 2008
  • Highlights of the 10th APEC Automotive Dialogue Meeting
  • Integration
GOVolume 31 - August 2008
  • JAMA speaks at the 3rd Indonesia International Automotive Conference (IIAC) in July 2008
  • A special interview with Mr. Bambang Trisulo, the President of ASEAN Automotive Federation
  • Friends of JAMA: JARI
  • Walking through Nara
GOVolume 30 - April 2008
  • JAMA’s Vehicle Noise Experts call for a Realistic All-Rounded Approach to curb Noise Pollution
  • Sales & Production Data for 2006/2007
  • Thinking about speed