News from JAMA Asia Pacific Edition

News and feature articles on JAMA's activities related to the automotive industry in the ASEAN region.

GOVolume 57 - August 2014
  • The 15th AEM-METI Economic and Industrial Cooperation Committee (AMEICC) Meeting on Automobile Industry (WG-AI)
  • Updates on Automotive Products’ Regulations and Certification Conferences in Asia
GOVolume 56 - March 2014
  • Promoting Energy Efficiency in Thailand through Eco-Driving
  • CSR Suzuki Cares for the Environment – Donations of 3,000 Tree Seeds
GOVolume 55 - March 2014
  • Social Activities of the Mazda Malaysia Sdn Bhd
  • Brief Report of the 20th AAF/TC3-JAMA Meeting, 26-28 February, Danang
GOVolume 54 - January 2014
  • Isuzu Gives Water… for Life
  • JAMA’s take on biodiesel beyond B5