The 25th AAF/TC3 (ASEAN Automotive Federation Technical Committee 3 for 4 wheelers)-Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA) Meeting, the most important auto-industry technical forum in Southeast Asia between ASEAN and Japan auto-industry regulatory experts, was held in Chiang Mai, Thailand on 29-30 September 2016.

For slightly more than a decade, the AAF/TC3-JAMA forum has been active in identifying potential technical barriers to trade–in particular unique national regulations and type approval practices–and formulizes recommendations to better harmonize such unique

A Brief Report on the 25th
AAF/TC3-JAMA Meeting

Nissan’s partnership with Habitat for
Humanity to support the Delta Integrated
Shelter and Hygiene Project (DISH)in Myanmar



practices with Their recommendations have also been brought up to, and considered by respective regulators of ASEAN Member States. This fast growing meeting saw an overwhelming turnout of a record-breaking number at 62 participants at its 25th session in Chiang Mai, a figure twice that of the initial turnout in 2004. The 25th session is also by far the largest and only ASEAN-Japan auto-industry forum on technical regulations participated by personnel in-charge of homologation, after-service parts, government affairs and others across different brands of car makers from ASEAN Member States (Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand) and Japan.

On top of its regular dialogue sessions on WG1 (Environment and Fuel), WG2 (Certification) and WG3 (UN Regulations Adoption and Safety), the 25th session has also included session on ASEAN Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA) and Road Safety. The following gives a snapshot of some of the outcomes from the sessions and meeting in plenary.

Environment and Fuel Regulations (WG1)
In this session, each AAF/TC3 member association shared the current status and direction of each ASEAN Member State (AMS)’s regulations pertaining to: (1) exhaust emission, (2) fuels (including biofuels), (3) noise emission, (4) fuel efficiency and CO2.

The WG1 session reiterated its stance that “the improvement of market fuel quality prior to implementation of new exhaust emission regulation is crucial”. This was the outcome after some AAF/TC3 member associations reported a lack of clarity in the plans of new emission regulations.

During this session, JAMA also took the opportunity to present its supplementary statement for the use of higher blending ratio of FAME content in diesel, up to 20%, and also a presentation on the importance of an integrated approach to reduce CO2 and fuel consumption in road transportation. The two presentations were both acknowledged by AAF/TC3 members.

Certification (WG2)
As Electric Vehicles (EV) are increasingly explored by authorities around the globe as an alternative source of transport to conventional vehicles in recent years, the AAF/TC3 requested JAMA experts to provide latest updates of discussion of the United Nation WP29 (World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations) on the UN Regulation for EVs. JAMA agrees to consider sharing such discussion updates amongst others from next WG2 session onwards.

UN Regulations Adoption and Safety (WG3)
The WG3 confirmed that there are new safety regulation movements in ASEAN region with respective AAF/TC3 member association since last meeting in March in Bohol, the Philippines.

In this session, the AAF/TC3 representative reported the latest outcome of the ASEAN Consultative Committee on Standard & Quality- Automotive Product Working Group (ACCSQ-APQG) Meeting and its Task Force Meeting on the ASEAN MRA Drat last May in Brunei.

The Meeting agreed to propose the AMS to convene a simulation prior to its enforcement, so as to clarify the differences in interpretation and ensure a smooth implementation of the MRA.

Road Safety
On Road Safety, the Meeting in Plenary endorsed the integrated approach (i.e. three-pronged approach in improving driving behavior, infrastructures, and vehicle technology) as an effective means to reduce road fatalities.

Venue and Date of Next AAF/TC3-JAMA Meeting
The 26th AAF/TC3-JAMA Meeting is expected to re-convene in March 2017 in Malaysia.

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Article 2:
Nissan’s partnership with Habitat for Humanity to support the Delta Integrated Shelter and Hygiene Project (DISH)in Myanmar


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