Isuzu Motors Company (Thailand) CSR initiative: National Children’s Day 2019 Toyota Motor Thailand (TMT), held the 30th Anniversary of White Road Campaign at the Toyota Driving Experience Park in Bangkok, Thailand on 8 August 2018.

First launched in 1988, Toyota White Road Campaign aims to raise public awareness about traffic safety and to reduce road accidents in Thailand through various activities and communications. The campaign’s contents can be divided into three parts, based on three main factors of road accidents.

Brief Report on the 19th Meeting of AEM-METI Economic and Industrial Cooperation Committee (AMEICC) Working Group on Automobile Industry (WG-AI)

30th Anniversary of Toyota White Road Campaign in Thailand



1. People: TMT aims to create “Good Driver Society” by teaching Thais safe-driving skills. For students, fun practical lessons are conducted at White Road Theme Park to illustrate traffic regulations and traffic safety. For the public, Safe Eco Driving training courses are arranged through dealers.
2. Vehicle: TMT always develops safety technology and safety equipment in cars to save lives in cases of emergency. During major festivals, TMT will cooperate with dealers to provide free car check-ups.
3. Road environment: TMT improves the road environment around their workplaces to make it safer for road users.

TMT also cooperates with Department of Land Transport (DLT), the local government, Thai Road Foundation and more to implement enriching and interesting activities and campaigns every year.

The key message for the 30th anniversary campaign in 2018 is “create ‘Good Driver Society’ by cooperating with the Government”. The highlights are as follows:

1. Signing of the MoU with DLT
• Cooperate with DLT to promote Safe Eco Driving to the Thais
• TMT & dealers will promote a safety booth with DLT for drivers during New Year & Songkran Festival
• Support instructor to conduct training on Land Transport Safety Bureau Live (official driving training course on online channel)
2. Opening “Toyota Driving Skill Development Centre”
• Share safety driving knowledge with the public through theory and practical trainings
• Encourage Thais to enroll in the course and complete a test to get certified for their driving license
3. Road Safety Showcase
• Share road safety knowledge with the public and urge all to be good drivers through situation simulators
• In the background history zone (Zone A), TMT’s President Message, White Road’s history, success story, and future commitment were introduced.
• In the experience zone (Zone B), the public could learn the common causes of accidents such as speed, sudden overtaking, and drive-driving, and understand how to be a good driver through VR simulators.

In addition, TMT used the project’s mascot ‘Milky way’ to show the success history of White Road Project. VDO Link:

According to the business philosophy as an automotive manufacturer, TMT has three contributions to Thais.
• Conduct CSR activities for better quality of living
• Support the Thai economic by exporting cars to nearby countries and providing careers positions
• Deliver the best quality of products and services

From these contributions, TMT expresses that “we have done to serve to our slogan “Mobility of Happiness” and our goal is to sustain three contributions for Thailand in the long run.”


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Brief Report on the 19th Meeting of AEM-METI Economic and Industrial Cooperation Committee (AMEICC) Working Group on Automobile Industry (WG-AI)


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