Isuzu Motors Company (Thailand) CSR initiative: National Children’s Day 2019 In order to support the next generation of human resources, Mazda Powertrain Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (MPMT) provides support for employment to ensure secure and bright futures for children from various living environments.

In some high schools and vocational schools in Northeast of Thailand, almost all of the graduated students do not have a chance to further their education, despite their desire to continue their education.

Brief Report on the 19th Meeting of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Automotive Dialogue

Mazda Powertrain Manufacturing (Thailand) CSR initiative: New Graduated Project



To make a difference, MPMT encourages these students to join the MAZDA family under a project named “New Graduated Project” through an effective recruitment and selection process. This project has been conducted since 2015 and has been ongoing for five years now.

MPMT utilised the best practice from long history Japanese-related company in Thailand. The headquarters of MAZDA initially supported by hiring the newly-graduated students from high schools and/or vocational schools in Northeast of Thailand, thus MPMT provided them a chance that comes with a secure and good future career. In the process, they have promoted Mazda Brand Value to grow Mazda’s DNA to the younger generations.

For the success of this project, MPMT gets cooperation from schools in the Northeast of Thailand.

MPMT promotes this activity to the interested students and feedback information to MAZDA while teachers help the students prepare for a selection process and a working life. The engagement and support of the local government has also been crucial and helpful.

A huge challenge of this activity is to conclude all data, which includes contacting teachers in each school, sending official letters with the project details and waiting for responses about their availability. Following that, MPMT must review the information before promoting this activity in each area and also the distance of each school. This is because after the selection, MPMT needs to go to each chosen location to promote this activity and interview the interested students.

At present, MPMT has visited between 8 to 10 schools per visit and have successfully hired some of the newly graduated students. An estimation of 60 people have joined MAZDA and they have been assigned work in the production area. MPMT intends to continue this activity.

MPMT expresses that “New Graduated Project” reflects Mazda’s commitment to provide a chance to the students who lack of educational opportunities and help them to increase their quality of life through these corporate activities. “Through this, we hope these students will grow as employees who can address social challenges such as environmental issues” they added.


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Brief Report on the 19th Meeting of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Automotive Dialogue


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