Brief Report on the 32nd AAF/TC3 (TC5) – JAMA Meeting, Manila, Philippines
The 32nd AAF/TC3 (TC5) (ASEAN Automotive Federation Technical Committee 3 for 4 wheelers & Technical Committee 5 for 2 wheelers) – JAMA Meeting was held as scheduled in Manila, Philippines from 11 to 13 February 2020 despite the eruption of Taal volcano near Manila and spread of COVID-19 in the world, had truly proved that the move towards harmonization of regional vehicle regulations is unstoppable.

Brief Report on the 32nd AAF/TC3 (TC5) – JAMA Meeting, Manila, Philippines

Collaboration with Indonesian Red Cross to Utilize Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV



More than 60 delegates attended the dialogues between ASEAN and Japan auto-industry regulatory experts to exchange latest information and promote the harmonization of vehicles technical regulations in the region. The following is a summary of the outcomes from the latest dialogue.

Environment and Fuel Regulations (WG1)
Concerning the contribution of PM2.5 from auto industry, JAMA shared its stance on this issue in the previous 31st meeting. To reduce PM2.5, not only vehicle technology, but several other measures such as vehicle replacement, proper vehicle maintenance and others are also effective ways. These measures have been acknowledged by AAF members and will be formally propose to the Chair of Automotive Product Working Group (APWG) and ASEAN member states (AMS) for their study.

The meeting also took note of JAMA’s recommendation for bio-fuel specification of gasoline and biodiesel for Euro 4, 5 and 6. AAF members will formally endorse and send to ASEAN Secretariat for further action (please refer the spec in attached).

In response to AAF-TC1 (Technical Committee 1 on Economic Cooperation)’s request, TC3 (Technical Committee 3 on Technical Development) adopted JAMA’s recommendation on the acceptability on the use of diesel fuel containing FAME concentrations not exceeding 20% (B20) when the conditions and requirement stipulated are met. AAF will send the draft letter to TC1 upon agree by all members.

Certification (WG2) & ASEAN Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA)
The meeting acknowledge the outcome of the 23rd Task Force for ASEAN MRA and the 30th ACCSQi-APWG meeting. Members were informed that the next opportunity of signing ASEAN MRA will be at the ASEAN Economic Minister (AEM) Retreat, which will be held tentatively at 30-31 March 2020.

In order to understand and identify every possible difficult in actual practice after the ASEAN MRA is implemented, the meeting acknowledge the necessity of non-binding trial run for UN-R13H (vehicle brake), UN-R43 (Safety glass component) and UN-R83 (emission) and agreed to establish “Trial Run Working Team (TRWT)” leaded by AAF-TC3 Chairman, WG2 leader and members from GAIKINDO, CAMPI, TAIA and VAMA which will be supported by JAMA. The TRWT will prepare the “To Do List toward Initiative” and create “Master Plan for the Trial Run” in April 2020.

UN-R Adoption and Safety (WG3)
The WG3 confirmed new safety regulation movements in the ASEAN region and shared them among the members. JAMA presented an update of the 177th, 178th and 179th WP29 meeting held on 12-15 March 2019, 25-28 June 2019 and 12-14 November 2019 respectively, regarding the activities related to (i) 1958 Agreement, (ii) 1998 Agreement, and (iii) Automated Driving.

Venue and Date of Next AAF/TC3 (TC5)-JAMA meeting
The 33rd AAF/TC3 (TC5) – JAMA meeting is expected to be held in Thailand in September 2020.
  1. ACCSQ: ASEAN Consultative Committee for Standard and Quality-Automotive Product Working Group


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