GONovember-December 2005
  • Outcome of the 3rd Global Commercial Vehicle Meeting
  • The JAMA-CLEPA Business Conference - Eight consecutive successes and a stronger partnership!
  • Environmentally Friendly Vehicles - A view from JAMA
GOSeptember-October 2005
  • The 10th Annual JAMA Reception
  • JAMA Contribution to the European Economy in 2004
  • JAMA Supports the Better regulation Initiative
  • 2005 Tokyo Motor Show
GOJuly-August 2005
  • JAMA Members in Europe Continue to Strengthen the Relationship with Their European Partners
  • JAMA Looks at the "Integrated Approach" to Reduce CO2 Emissions
  • JAMA Supports a Gradual Phase-out of Registration Tax in the European Union
  • Brand (Essay)
GOMay-June 2005
  • JAMA Members Achieve Further Reductions in Average CO2 Emissions for the Year 2003
  • European Subsidiaries of Japanese Auto Manufacturers Continue to Strengthen their EU Production
  • The European Commision's Package for Better Regulation
  • UK Presidency of the European Union
  • CO2 (Essay)
GOMarch-April 2005
  • The 'CARS 21' Initiative and JAMA's Contribution
  • The "Re-launched" Lisbon Strategy and competitiveness
  • Clean Air
GOJanuary-February 2005
  • JAMA-CLEPA Business Conferences
  • Third Global Automotive Industry Meeting
  • Japanese Automakers Continue to Strengthen the Purchase of EU Automotive Parts
  • Minicars: Cheap and Cheerful (Essay)