GOIssue No.5, 2006
  • JAMA members pursue their efforts towards CO2 reductions
  • European, Japanese and U.S. heavy-duty vehicle and engine manufacturers meet in Hanover
  • JAMA’s vision for hydrogen-powered automobiles
  • JAMA Guidebook (Essay by Peter Nunn)
GOIssue No.4, 2006
  • Restructuring Passenger Car Taxation in the EU?
  • EU Production Up by 9.7% in 2005 Fiscal Year
  • SAE J-2727-Simpler Leakage Test for the MAC Directive
  • Time Machines (Essay by Peter Nunn)
GOIssue No.3, 2006
  • JAMA Annual Reception: Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the launch of the partnership with the European Union
  • Two Decades of Contribution to the Competitiveness of the European Auto Industry
  • Tokyo Motor Show 2007
  • Car Trends in Japan (Essay)
GOIssue No.2, 2006
  • EU Production Up by 5.6% in 2005
  • JAMA's Vision for ELV Recycling in Europe
  • The 9th JAMA-CLEPA Conference
  • Diesel in Japan (Essay)
GOIssue No.1, 2006
  • JAMA Comments on the CARS 21 Final Report
  • Road Safety-The Need for an Integrated Approach
  • Outcome of the MAC Summit
  • Overseas Production by Japanese Vehicle Manufacturers
  • Forecast for 2006 (Essay)