GOIssue No.4, 2007
  • JAMA hosts Global Commercial Vehicle and Automotive Industry meetings
  • JAMA responds to the Commission Public Consultation on proposals for a new Regulation on Advanced Safety Features and Tyres
  • JAMA addresses the Forum for the Automobile and Society - "How much can the integrated approach contribute to Europe's cars CO2 policy?"
  • 2007's New models
GOIssue No.3, 2007
  • Public hearing held in July on "Reducing CO2 from passenger cars and light-commercial vehicles"
  • Automotive Industry Guidelines on REACH
  • A Japan-EU workshop on "Reducing CO2 emissions in the automobile sector"
  • Corporate Showrooms
GOIssue No.2, 2007
  • The 9th JAMA/CLEPA Business Conference
  • JAMA Annual Reception, Brussels, 4 July 2007
  • Common Challenges, Common Future
    The Contribution of Japanese Auto Manufacturers to the Competitiveness of Europe’s Motor Industry
  • Cars for Women Buyers
GOSpecial Edition - May 2007
    JAMA responds to the new EU strategy on CO2 and calls for an "integrated approach" to automobile emissions.
GOIssue No.1, 2007
  • JAMA advocates further harmonisation of automotive technical regulations
  • JAMA responds to the June 2006 London Economics report on market developments in car retailing and after-sales markets
  • An "integrated approach" to the reduction of CO2 emissions in Japan
  • Japan’s New Wave Sports Cars (Essay by Peter Nunn)