GOIssue No.3, 2008
  • JAMA responds to the Commission's Evaluation Report on motor vehicle
    distribution and servicing
  • JAMA comments on the CARS 21 Mid-Term Review
  • JAMA-CLEPA to hold their 10th Business Conference in June 2009 in Ljubljana
  • Feature article: Japan's latest eco-vehicles
GOIssue No.2, 2008
  • New chairman hosts JAMA’s annual reception in Brussels on 1 July 2008
  • Looking to the Future: JAMA publishes an updated report on CO2 emissions
  • JAMA publishes the 2008 edition of Common Challenges, Common Future
  • Feature article: 'Japan's Super GT series'
GOIssue No.1, 2008
  • Commission moves towards binding measures to tackle CO2 emissions from new passenger cars
  • eCall system timeline in doubt
  • Design protection under threat
  • JAMA promotes integrated approach at Bali climate conference
  • Japan's new engine technology