GOIssue No.4, 2010
  • JAMA supports stronger EU-Japan economic integration
  • Next-generation vehicles strategy in Japan
  • Japan proposes a mutual recognition framework for whole vehicle type-approval
  • Feature article: CHAdeMO By Peter Nunn
GOIssue No.3, 2010
  • New chairman hosts JAMA's 2010 annual reception in Brussels on 29 June
  • JAMA publishes the 2010 brochure on Japanese auto manufacturers' contribution to the EU economy
  • 42nd Tokyo Motor Show 2011
  • Feature article: Japan's ITS technologies
GOIssue No.2, 2010
  • JAMA welcomes the EU ministers' decision on green vehicles
  • Moving towards an efficient and integrated transport network
  • Progress in reducing CO2 emissions from cars
  • Feature article: Japanese Car Museums
GOIssue No.1, 2010
  • JAMA welcomes the new College of EU Commissioners as it takes office
  • Integrated approach in road transport
  • European, Japanese and American heavy-duty vehicle and engine manufacturers call for global policy cooperation to improve energy efficiency of road freight transport
  • Feature Article: Japan's New Small Cars