GOIssue No.3, 2011
  • JAMA welcomes the early progress towards an EU-Japan Economic Integration
  • Japan and the EU begin mutual recognition of the AEO system
  • Growing momentum for IWVTA
  • Bringing aid to Tohoku
GOIssue No.2, 2011
  • JAMA Reiterates its Call for Strengthen EU-Japan Economic Integration
  • The 42nd Tokyo Motor Show 2011
  • At the Recent UN Cancun Conference, the World's Leading Automobile Associations Called for an Integrated Approach to Reducing CO2 Emissions
  • European cars in Japan
GOIssue No.1, 2011
  • JAMA urges the EU and Japan to formulate an Economic Integration Agreement as a priority task
  • 8th Global Commercial Vehicle Industry Meeting in Chicago
  • Feature article: Fuel ECOnomy
    By Peter Nunn