Association, Inc.

Issue No. 3, 2011

JAMA welcomes the early progress towards an EU-Japan Economic Integration Agreement

JAMA welcomes the agreement reached by the Japanese government and European Union leaders at the EU-Japan Summit in May to launch discussions with a view towards eventually securing an economic partnership agreement. As a result of this highly encouraging development, JAMA feels confident that the preliminary ‘scoping exercise’ undertaken by both sides will be fruitful and that the start of official negotiations is now within reach.

Japan and the EU begin mutual recognition of the AEO system

Japan and the EU customs authorities have begun mutual recognition of the Authorised Economic Operator system, permitting simplification of customs procedures for enterprises recognised as trustworthy trading entities. Under this system, customs procedures are simplified and harmonised, leading to the likelihood of increased trade between Japan and the EU.

Growing momentum for IWVTA

JAMA strongly supports the concept of International Whole Vehicle Type Approval (IWVTA) and looks forward to its earliest possible introduction after finalisation of an IWVTA roadmap later this year. IWVTA would accelerate international harmonisation of technical regulations pertaining to vehicle safety and environmental performance and bring significant benefits to the automotive industry and vehicle users alike.

Bringing aid to Tohoku
By Peter Nunn

Japan’s motor industry was quick to respond when a devastating earthquake and tsunami inflicted huge damage on northeastern Japan on the afternoon of Friday, March 11.